Do You Want to Learn the #1 Reason Your Spring Break Sucks?

Have you ever had a lousy Spring Break?

Did you go home, and everyone was talking about how awesome their spring break was, what they did, who they met… and you had to keep quiet, or lie?

Well there’s some good news… You’re in the right place, and after reading this you never need to make the same mistake again.

What if we could tell you a very simple way to guarantee that your Spring Break experience will truly be one to remember? Epic. Awesome.

And that just by following one very simple rule, you can EASILY enjoy a Spring Break vacation that you can be proud tell all your friends about, and you will remember for the rest of your life.

Well we can.

This is so simple; it’s hard to believe no one has written about it before. (Or blogged about it, tweeted it, or updated their Facebook status telling the World about it.)

This “secret” will make you the master of the ultimate Spring Break. Share it with all your friends and make them wonder why they didn’t think about it themselves.

Are you ready?

You are? Good… because here it is.

The number #1 reason your Spring Break sucks, is…

Because you didn’t spend it at the Spring Break Fun Place.

Sounds simple, right?

Well there’s a little more to it than JUST that.

Really, it’s the hundreds of reasons that make the experience you will have at the Spring Break Fun Place so awesome…

First of all, you’re partying in Panama City Beach, Florida. You know… the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World’ and home of ‘the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches’.

Not a bad start…

But it gets better… The Spring Break Fun Place, is actually a hotel called the Sandpiper Beacon, and it’s the ONLY hotel in Panama City Beach with it’s own Tiki Bar / Club.

Every night hundreds of Spring Breakers (staying at other hotels) line up to get into the Tiki Bar (probably because it’s one of Panama City Beach’s best-known clubs with top DJs, drink specials, and a laid back beach vibe).

So if you’re staying here… we literally “bring the party to your doorstep”.

Then there’s the Spring Break party atmosphere that NEVER. LETS. UP. From the large open-plan layout (making it easy to get around and meet everyone), the contests and games, to the live DJ pumping music onto the beach the whole time. It actually FEELS like Spring Break here… not just a hotel.

And what would Spring Break be without daily Bikini & Booty Shaking Contests?

You guessed it… lame. Every day (e-v-e-r-y  d-a-y) the Sandpiper entertains you on the main beach stage in the Tiki Bar. Iron man contests, college vs college tug-o-war, and no end of beach games with prizes like FREE T-Shirts… All. Day. Long.

Do you like watersports?

Good… so do we – and Spring Breakers staying here have access to the Watersports facility right behind the hotel (on the beach). So OK, that’s cool – but how about an additional 25% discount for being a guest?

Now we’re talking.


The list goes on… and for more reasons you should stay here, and GUARANTEE that your Spring Break doesn’t suck, you can check out the “Why Stay Here” Page (see the menu at the top).


How to act now and MAKE SURE your Spring Break doesn’t Suck…

  1. Go to the Spring Break Fun Place website
  2. Click on the ‘Request a Rate’ button
  3. Fill out your details
  4. Our team of sexy, fist-pumping Spring Break elves will email you a price
  5. Call our Reservations Team (FREE) on 1-800 488-8828 and confirm your booking

Yep. It’s really that easy!

(What are you waiting for?)

P.S. Booking early gets you the lowest possible rate AND guarantees you get the room type you want.

P.P.S Our private Condos, Beach Houses, and Beach Villas (sleeping 8-10) book up FAST! They are bigger, more exclusive, AND save you money by sharing the costs.


Call our Reservations team today to find out more… 1-800-488-8828