Spring is a great time to visit Panama City Beach. There’s no denying that fact. As much fun as it is, and a much as there is going on between late February and early April, there are other times of the year to visit where coupons can save you a bunch.

Coupons for the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort do run all year round, but the amount you can save changes throughout the year.


Spring Coupons

  • Rates From as low as $79
  • Pay 2 Stay 3
  • Pay 4 Stay 5
  • Pay 5 Stay 7

They may not be applicable during Spring Break season though, so if your dates are flexible, and you can visit just outside of your Spring Break week, then you might be able to save hundreds of dollars!

The coupons don’t slow down there though, there are more and more offers running through the Summer, Fall and Winter too – with the biggest savings being during the Fall and Winter.


Summer Coupons

  • From $119
  • 1/2 Night Free for Weekly Stays

Fall is often talked about as being the local’s favorite time of the year. It’s when the beaches are much less crowded, but the weather is still warm enough to lay out.

You pretty much get the best of both world’s, and it’s definitely the time of the year with the most beautiful sunsets!


Sandpiper Beacon’s Fall Coupons

  • From $79
  • Pay 2 Stay 3
  • Pay 4 Stay 5
  • Pay 5 Stay 7

Finally, and for the biggest savings and the best coupons and deals, you want to visit in the Winter.

Make no mistake, winter is cooler than other times of the year. But a Panama City Beach winter is a very different thing to a Chicago winter…

You’ll see locals wearing shorts and T Shirts. While you might not be sunbathing (and you definitely won’t be swimming in the Gulf) you’re still right on the beach!

You can say goodbye to long waiting times at restaurants, and there’s hardly any lines at any of the attractions.


Winter Coupons

  • From $59
  • Pay 2 Stay 3
  • Pay 3 Stay 4
  • Pay 5 Stay 7

So if you had so much for during Spring Break that you need another fix of Panama City Beach, then you can save hundreds by planning another vacation during a different time of the year.

It’s actually possible that you could visit in Winter, stay longer, and pay less than you did during Spring.

Take a look at the full page of Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort Coupons here, and start thinking about your next vacation today! 🙂