Spring Break 2013 Bucket List

So you have one week to let loose from your daily life of exams and nagging professors, and go crazy in a city where you only know the people you are traveling with… Whatcha gonna do?

Here at the Sandpiper Beacon, we wanna make sure that you take advantage of everything during Spring Break. You want to be sure that you don’t miss out on anything that Panama City Beach has to offer. :-)

With that in mind here is a list of some traditional Spring Break activities that you NEED to do. And if you don’t complete at least ten of them, you might as well have never been to the Spring Break Capital of the World in the first place.

  1. Go Jet Skiing
  2. Walk the Strip (Front Beach Road) – You’ll see…
  3. Go Parasailing
  4. Get 30 packs of Ramen from Walmart
  5. Spit some game and get them digits!
  6. Instagram (almost) everything you do
  7. Meet a local – other than our friendly staff :-P
  8. Tiki Bar Bikini Contest. Nough said.
  9. Rent a scooter
  10. Get FREAKY at the TIKI
  11. Tear up the dance floor (at least 5 nights)
  12. 3:30am Waffle House run
  13. Buy something airbrushed
  14. Stay up 24+ hours to see the sunrise
  15. Don’t turn anything down- at least for a day (remember you will never see these people again)

AND of course… Party like there is no tomorrow :-)

Always remember party smart and please drink responsibly.

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