Panama City Beach, Florida is the Spring Break Capital of the World.

You have probably heard it before, and it’s just as true today as it ever was.

Nowhere else on the map comes close to offering the same daytime and nighttime experience, all week long, and a stunning 27 mile stretch of pristine white sandy beach, at such an affordable price.

Why pay more to visit other Spring Break destinations, and get beaches that aren’t as nice, clubs that aren’t as impressive, and pay to see celebrity concerts and shows that aren’t nearly as good?

There are a lot of different components that need to come together just right to make the ultimate Spring Break experience. Here are 10 reasons why no other destination has been able to catch up with Panama City Beach, FL…


10. Spring Break Resorts & Condos

Panama City Beach has some of the most Spring Break-friendly Hotels, Resorts, Condos, and Beach Houses.

They don’t just happen to rent to Spring Breakers, during Spring Break. That doesn’t make you a “Spring Break-friendly” place to stay.

The fact that they host daily pool parties, bikini contests, live bands and DJs, host competitions and games and have thousands of dollars worth of free giveaways from sponsors earns them the title of “Spring Break-friendly”.


9. 18 to Party 21 to Drink

Underage drinking laws are enforced in Panama City Beach FL just as the are anywhere else.

What sets PCB apart though, is the fact that 18year olds are welcome to enter the superclubs and laid-back beach bars, along with all their friends who are of legal drinking age.

All you need to remember is your ID, and forget about having to skip certain clubs, because some people in your group are under 21… That’s never an issue in Panama City Beach.


8. Condo Rentals for Under 25’s

Another important thing that sets Panama City Beach in a league of it’s own when compared to the crowd of Spring Break destinations, is the fact that there are accommodations who rent to Under 25’s.

Many destinations are home to places to stay that will not to rent to Under 25 year old’s, concerned that they will cause damage to the rooms.

You won’t have to look too hard to find a great place to stay in Panama City Beach that will rent to you if you are under 25.


7. Easy to Get Here

Panama City Beach is easily one of the most accessible Spring Break destinations you can travel to.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about renewing your passport in time, or panic about keeping it safe all week!

It’s a very easy drive, served by Interstate 10, or you could fly thanks to the International Airport (which also brings in Spring Breakers from overseas who have heard the legendary stories, and want to experience the ultimate US Spring Break for themselves!)


6. Stunning Beaches

Panama City Beach, Florida is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the World year after year.

You really do have to see it for yourself to understand just how gorgeous it is, and you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the Caribbean somewhere.

So if you want to spend your Spring Break week warming up on a beach, and getting away from all the wet, cold and miserable weather at home, wouldn’t you want to do it on one of the World’s most beautiful beaches?


5. Perfect Weather

Panama City Beach, Florida boasts over 320 days of sunshine each year.

Many Spring Breakers will be coming from places where the snow and ice is just about melting and starting to thaw.

So while March may not be the hottest time of the year, it is a comfortable and beautiful time to be in PCB.

Local’s prefer the few months that fall on either side of the peak of summer season, because it’s kind of like the porridge Goldilocks ate… Not too hot, not too cold, but just right.


4. Internationally-Known Nightlife

Being the number one Spring Break destination in the World, means that you also host students from countries all over the globe.

We’re talking the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Canada and more…

They have heard about the weather, and the stunning beaches, but they have also heard about the nightlife.

Club La Vela is the largest nightclub in the USA. Spinnakers is also another popular beach bar, and breakers flock to the World Famous Tiki Bar at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort year after year, to “Get Freaky at the Tiki”.


3. Music Concerts & Celebrities

Before the days of MTV, and beyond, celebrities and A-List artists know that the place to be seen is on our beaches.

No matter that you listen to, there’s something in your flavor being served up.

Artists including Luke Bryan, Diplo, Steve Aoki, Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell, 50 Cent and more have all performed to huge crowds here.

Some of the concerts and performances are free, others require a ticket. But they are all held on the beach, and it’s concerts like these that will be among your greatest Spring Break memories.


2. Pool Parties

All you need is a cold drink in your hand and a pool noodle… Panama City Beach will provide the rest.

Clear blue skies, palm trees, sunshine, and a DJ spinning the soundtrack to your Spring Break.

This is one of the best traditions of a Panama City Beach Spring Break. Meet hundreds of new people from Schools all over the country, and all over the World!


1. Popularity

So everybody knows, it’s going to be the most fun wherever the people are…

It might be fun to hang out with 200 people on a beach… There would be plenty of space.

But during Spring Break 2015, over 350,000 students decided to make Panama City Beach, FL their Spring Break destination.

That’s a number worth repeating… 350,000. Well over a quarter of a million students, all decided that Panama City Beach was the place to be.

That’s more people coming to one destination, than ALL OTHER DESTINATIONS COMBINED.

If that doesn’t tell you that Panama City Beach, FL is the place to be, we don’t know what will!


If you still need convincing, read more about the clubs, restaurants, attractions, places to stay, and even check rates for free at