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Things to Do in Panama City Beach, FL

things to do in panama city beach fl

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There’s plenty of ways to stay entertained during Spring Break in Panama City FL. Day & Night, the beach is lined with fun attractions and thrill rides for you to try. Here’s a short list of some of our favorites…

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Rent Scooters

panama city beach scooter rental One of the most iconic ways to experience a true Panama City FL Spring Break is to rent a scooter with your group, cruise along Front Beach Road, and sound the horn at anyone that catches your eye in a bikini, or board shorts… It’s a rite of passage, and a tradition you’ll wanna be a part of!

Race Go Karts

panama city beach go carts Offering the fastest, tallest, and steepest Go Cart tracks on the beach, Race City is the place to be to prove you’re the best driver… Several different tracks to race on, and unlimited armbands that lets you come & go all day. Be sure to check out the Rollercoaster, and the Skycoaster thrill ride too – a mix between bungee jumping and hang-gliding!

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Ride the Slingshot

panama city beach sling shot Another iconic Spring Break tradition in Panama City Beach is the SlingShot. Strap yourself in, and let 720 springs fire you straight up into the air at 100mph, and hope you can keep your eyes open long enough to enjoy the view while you’re at the top! All rides are filmed and you can buy the DVD.

Dune Buggies

panama city beach dune buggies Sit in one of the Commander Buggies, and throw yourself around Panama Dunes’ ½ mile ocean side track. The course is littered with exciting and extreme hills and curves that will test your skills along the way. Seems like the perfect chance to have a bet to see who’s the fastest around the track…

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