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Spring Break 2016 Marketing & Promotion

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Panama City Beach, FL is the “Spring Break Capital of the World.”

There may not be a more perfect place or time to get your brand in the hands of thousands of College & High Schoolers.

If you create a strong band loyalty right now, the positive association created between your product and the experience of their lifetime will create brand ambassadors and loyal customers for years to come. Marketing opportunities this good, don’t come along often.


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As a total, when running 100% occupancy, the resort averages over 1,500 guests all staying 5 to 7 nights.  One of the most attractive features of the Sandpiper is that it is the only “resort” oriented facility from the center to west end of Panama City Beach.

As a result, many of the condos and hotels that are located around the Sandpiper send their guests to the Sandpiper Tiki Bar and Beach for recreation. Every Day. This enables the resort to accommodate well over 3,000 people day and night during spring break.

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Included within the resort is the beachfront Tiki Bar that transforms into a popular Spring Break club at night.

The Tiki Bar attracts spring breakers from hotels, condos & resorts all over Panama City Beach looking to come to the Sandpiper to socialize with their friends.

Many hotel guests do not leave the resort at night.  This acts as a strong attraction to keep our guests on the property, as well as to bringing lots of others every night.



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Average Weekly Traffic (non-resort guests): 21,000

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Advertising Opportunities

  • x5 Tiki Bar Mainstage Banners
  • x5 Banners to be placed at key locations around the Resort
  • Brand Main stage DJ/MC mentions
  • 2 executed daily branded contests performed from main stage
  • 10’x10’ or 20′ x 20′ daily beach space for sampling and promotions
  • Branded hotel key cards (6,000)
  • Branded lanyards
  • Branded hotel elevator wraps
  • Sponsorship of night time DJ (10 pm – 4 am) with brand mentions and sampling
  • In-room messaging (flyers and/or samples)
  • Brand ad and links placed on website (
  • We are open to discuss any additional ideas and branding strategies you may have.

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