If you’ve already seen Part 1 – You came to the right place!

Here’s the second part of our blog post discussing why Panama City Beach Spring Break is possibly the safest time and place to survive the Zombie Apocalypse…



05. T-Rex Style.

Zombies are pretty stupid for the most part, and they rely on huge numbers of the their undead horde. Since they are attracted to movement – you’re already at a natural advantage if you’re on Spring Break in Panama City Beach. For most of the day, you’ll probably be laying out by the pool, floating in the pool (hopefully face-up!), laying out in the sun on the beach, or swaying in a hammock. None of these things are likely to attract any unwanted Zombie attention.



04. You’re at Your Fittest.

You know Spring Break is coming, so you probably find the weights that have been hidden somewhere in the garage, and dig out the Hip Hop Abs DVD a few weeks, or even months before. Toning up, and doing more cardio than you’ve done all year! So, even if the worst happened, and the Z-Day does come to Panama City Beach – you’re in the best possible shape to evade those brain-hungry S-O-B’s – aaaaand you’ll look awesome doing it!



03. Boogie Nights.

Some of the things that go hand-in-hand with any good Panama City Beach Spring Break are great DJ’s, and awesome bars and beach clubs. Looking at a packed dancefloor through the eyes of a zombie, everyone probably looks like they are mindlessly flailing to the beat. Almost mimicking the typical zombie swagger. Not to mention all the red eyes (from lack of sleep, right?) Attempting to blend in… It’s a sensible defense strategy.



02. Talking the Talk.

Anyone who’s ever seen a horror movie knows that Zombies are attracted to anything that sounds different, and out of the ordinary. This includes coherent speech. Daytime: most people are hung over, and until you get that coffee or energy drink, communication is limited to basic groans and mumbles. Nighttime: The familiar effects of liquor have set in, and you’re once again reduced to more incoherent speech. That leaves just a small window of the day where you’re capable of normal communication. The odds are totally in your favor!



01. Catch me if you can Bro!

A big part of Spring Break 2013 in Panama City beach has to be the watersports. You’re right on the beach next to the crystal clear emerald-green Gulf of Mexico water… Zombies don’t exactly have a reputation for stand-up paddleboarding.  Get wet, stay safe! (Come to think of it, a high speed Zombie Jet Ski chase would be kinda awesome!)

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